Reach out for the Farm-1-1:



  • This Heat Wave means business! We won't let it win...but we will negotiate to keep the peace.
  • Our "Beat-the-Heat Wave" course will be a new 3M loop that will keep everyone closer to the Barn and not on further more isolated trails.
    • At this time, we will allow for double loops if you have your heart set on 6M, but we may change this decision based on actual on-site conditions on Sunday. If allowed, we will ask you to check in with our Barn-B-Crew after your first loop.
    • We are highly recommending maxing out at 3 Miles this Sunday. You can also choose NOT to run or hike and just enjoy the party at the Barn!
    • The 2M route has not changed and is a great option to get a little trail time without overheating.
    • Alternatively, you can take a stroll past the historic buildings and cemetery in the Deserted Village.
  • The 3M and 2M loops share the first 1.6 miles of trail. At this point you will come to a water station, Barn-B-Crew member, and directional sign.
    • If you are experiencing any signs of dehydration or overheating please alert our team member asap. 
    • The last .4 of the 2M loop and last .3 of the 3M loop will be on Cataract Hollow Rd. where you can see the historic buildings of the Deserted Village of Feltville. The Church/Store building is usually open on Sunday's and/or you can read about the buildings as you go. (
    • After 1M on the trail, you will encounter a ladder descent with a rope option. If you are uncomfortable, we recommend turning around for an "out-and-back" 2M route.  
  • The schedule has been updated accordingly and there will be just one trail briefing at 11 a.m.
  • Directions! Please note that there is construction on W. R. Tracy Dr. If your GPS takes you this way, please seek an alternative route around the Reservation to the Deserted Village.