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  • Well friends, Barn-B-Q never fails to have a curveball and that's no different in 2022. As always, the Barn-B-Q Gods have challenged us! We've lived through a year of rejection when the Barn was too popular to give us a date, a year where we surged through the HOTTEST day ever when everything else was cancelled, the year where we were exalted to get together even with masks on and new crazy social distancing rules, and now for the 2nd year in a row...drumroll please...trails undergoing major renovation projects! Rather than making more and more alterations to the format of our beloved event, we have decided to sit-out for 2022 and come back better than ever in 2023!
  • Water & Hydration: As always, we encourage you to BYOW and help us reduce our single-use plastic waste. Please bring water for the day in a hydration pack or favorite water bottle. Not to worry if you forget though, we will have water on-site! We also encourage the use of private vessels as we are both pirates and environmentalists at heart. It is TBD if we have kegs this year, but isn't your personalized cup/goblet/stein of choice cooler than a single-use red solo cup???
  • Please be aware that we do not have an on-site medical staff and in the event of a medical emergency, 911 or the Union County Police will be called on your behalf. For minor injuries and ailments we will have a basic first aid kit on site. 
  • Trash and recycling: Blue recycling cans with a small round opening will be around the event site for bottles and cans only. Trash cans will have open tops for all other garbage. 
  • As this is not a competitive event, if you enjoy the trails during the day, we ask that you walk/slow down/stop when encountering others on the trail to allow safe passage for everyone. 
  • ​If you feel uncomfortable on the trails, alternatively you can take a stroll past the historic buildings and cemetery in the Deserted Village. The paved road is wide enough to maintain ample social distancing.