It's Official...year 1 and 2 were so awesome...we'll be attempting to break the world record for most fun had at a an event named Barn-B-Q ever in 2016!

2014 In Action

Howdy ya'll! Welcome to the home of Barn-B-Q Trail Run, Hike, & Party! Our Barn Doors are open to every run and walk of life out there. Barn-B-Q is a celebration of the outdoors, running, hiking, eating, drinking, music, friends, & fun!

*Take to the trails for 2-10 miles of wooded running or hiking.

*Eat BBQ & Drink Beer! (wine too)

*Enjoy Games, Music, & New or Old Friends!

Visit our TapInto event page!

Just the facts:

When - Now on SUNDAY, July 24th, 2016; barn doors open at 10, briefings and departures between 11-Noon, Party until 4!

Where - The very cool Deserted Village of Feltville located in Watchung Reservation, the party is at the restored Masker's Barn