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Extra Sauce for your Barn-B-Q pleasure:

Brand your tee: Your name, team name, nick name, etc. on your Barn-B-Q tee. (15 letter max, all caps) $10; add your fave # as well $15.

Rent-a-Shack: Modern day folk call these tents. A 10' x 10' claim for you and your gang at the BBQ. (If your gang has 10+ farm hands, you just scored a shack for free! Call to arrange.) Includes table & 5 chairs. $100


Sunday, July 24, 2016 - Barn doors open at 10am.

Trail runs and hikes depart between 11am and Noon.

Run or hike 2-10 miles on the Watchung Reservation trails.

​Beer, BBQ, Games, & Entertainment from 11am until 4pm! 

Here's all the cool stuff you get:

Pretty fantastic T-Shirt to remember your awesome day!

Trail maps, guided runs, shorter courses w/ aid station. 

BBQ served from 12-4. 

Beer..... mmmmm.... beeeeer.  Wine? Ok sure.

Games! What's a BBQ without good-spirited competition?

Musical entertainment! 

One price covers everything!

$35 Rooster Rate - The early bird gets the cheap worm! Register by June 30th to get this awesome sauce price.

$40 Farmer Fee - Bird that wakes up at a reasonable hour gets the reasonable price. Through July 15th!

$45 - Sleepy Heads - The late bird gets cooked! Still actually pretty darn cheap considering the perks. July 16th - July 22nd at midnight

($50 AT the event IF we don't sell out - don't delay!)

Shirts can not be guaranteed on event day.