Call us any any time (we'll just let it go to voicemail): 908-245-3000


One price covers everything!

Pricing increases as we get closer to the event. Check the registration page for dates and prices. Register early!

Event day registration may not be available if we sell out!

Shirts can not be guaranteed on event day.

Extra Sauce for your Barn-B-Q pleasure:

Brand your tee: Your name, team name, nick name, etc. on your Barn-B-Q tee. (15 letter max, all caps) $12.

Rent-a-Shack: Modern day folk call these tents. A 10' x 10' claim for you and your gang at the BBQ. (If your gang has 10+ farm hands, you just scored a shack for free! Call to arrange.) Includes table & 5 chairs. $100

Just the Facts:

Where: The very cool Deserted Village of Feltville located in Watchung Reservation, the party is at the restored Masker's Barn.​

When: Sunday, July 21st, 2019 - Barn doors open at 10am.
Trail runs and hikes depart between 11:00 am and Noon. Party until 4! (separate start info for Doubleback Run)

What: Beer, BBQ, Games, & Entertainment from 11am until 4pm! Run or hike 2-12 miles on the Watchung Reservation trails. ​

Here's all the cool stuff you get:
Pretty fantastic T-Shirt to remember your awesome day!
Trail maps, guided runs, aid stations. 
BBQ served from 12-3. 
Beer..... mmmmm.... beeeeer.  Wine? Ok sure.
Games! What's a BBQ without good-spirited competition?
Musical entertainment!