Get the Farm-1-1:


Extra Barn-B-Q Sauce:
​Rent-a-Shack: Modern day folk call these tents. A 10' x 10' claim for you and your gang at the BBQ. General seating is so 2019! Get a private tent and table reserved for your crew. (If your gang has 10+ farm hands, you just scored a shack for free! Call to arrange.) Includes table & up to 10 chairs. $100


One price covers everything - we are all-inclusive!

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Things to Know, Consider, Do, Think About,...

  • This is the Great Outdoors people! Expect slippery sections of trail, stream crossings, rocks, roots, thorns, bugs. Don't panic! You'll be just fiiiiiine!
  • Good ideas include - good hiking or trail running shoes; dry socks or sandals for the rest of the day; a walking stick or trekking poles if you use them; bug spray; sunscreen; and WATER, WATER, WATER, electrolytes, snacks, WATER, WATER, WATER!
  • If you are so inclined, please bring your fave water bottle or backpack water reservoir to take on the trail...we'll have water for you to fill up or refill, but this will greatly cut down on our plastic cup and bottle waste. 
  • Also please feel free to bring your fave drinking vessel! Not only will it make you feel cool, but again it will cut down on waste. 
  • Leave No Trash! Yes, it's really Leave No Trace, but the most important principle for Barn-B-Q is to leave the trails cleaner than you found them. 
  • Show up with your most awesome version of yourself. It's going to be a kick-@$$ day!

Where: The very cool Deserted Village of Feltville located in Watchung Reservation, find us at the restored Masker's Barn.​

​​When: Sat, September 2nd, 2023 - Labor Day Weekend 
Ways to Play:

  • Traditional All-Inclusive Barn-B-Q ticket includes souvenir tee, 5 hours of fun, trail-tivities, barn-tivities, BBQ, beer, wine, seltzers, games, tunes, and all around good times. 

​All the cool stuff included:

  • ​Pretty fantastic souvenir to remember your awesome day!
  • Hot off the grill BBQ & Sides
  • Beer, Wine, and Seltzers
  • Games! Fun & Energetic Tunes!

2023 Schedule:

  • Barn Doors Open: 10am (check-in and snacks)
  • View Activity Schedule HERE (scroll down)
  • Time to mozy on home: 3pm