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So what's a Barn-B-Q anyway?

  • Barn-B-Q - noun - a loosely defined and open to personal choice day of great fun in the outdoors set in and outside of a cool restored Barn nestled in the urban-oasis woods of Watchung Reservation, greatly enjoyed by all who have ever attended, and highly anticipated by loyal fans and creators alike
  • All NEW Trail Treasure Chase! Run or Hike the trails of our urban oasis, Watchung Reservation. By visiting various checkpoints, you'll earn cards towards your poker hand. Best hands at 2 p.m. win awesome prizes from our partners! Trail tours are self-guided but we will provide printed maps and routes on MapMyRun. Possible routes include a 6 Mile loop, 3 Mile Route, and 2 Mile Loop...mix and match or create your own!
  • Barn-tivities include digging into our game and toy chest, playing lawn and table games, competing in the the Great Puzzle Race, earning points in the Lawn Games Pentathlon, enjoying the morning Yoga Nidra chill-out sesh, channeling your creativity with crafts, and rocking out to our amazing playlist.
  • Our all-inclusive Barn Party is hosted at and around the beautifully restored Masker's Barn which is a landmark of the Deserted Village of Feltville in the Berkeley Heights section of Watchung Reservation. The park is centrally located in North Jersey and the Village was once the coolest spot for summer vacay back when horses were the go-to mode of transport. Come and party like it's 1899! The Barn Party runs from 10 a.m. - 3 p.m. and includes all food plus adult beverages and soft drinks (gotta hydrate!). Our playlist is top-notch and reaches all ages and genres. Check it out here:
  • ​If a trail run or hike isn't for you, there is also opportunity to stroll past the historic buildings and cemetery in the Deserted Village.​
  • In support of our neighbors: Please bring cleaning supplies! We will have a collection bin in support of The Elizabeth Coalition to House the Homeless! See flyer with their requests here (scroll down): 

Things to Know, Consider, Do, Think About,...

  • This is the Great Outdoors people! Expect slippery sections of trail, stream crossings, rocks, roots, thorns, bugs. Don't panic! You'll be just fiiiiiine! Read on...
  • Check the weather and be prepared for whatever it may bring (although it’s looking to be absolutely gorgeous as of now)!
  • Please make sure your are HYDRATING throughout the day...with WATER!
  • Please be aware that we do not have an on-site medical staff and in the event of a medical emergency, 911 or the Union County Police will be called on your behalf. For minor injuries and ailments we will have a basic first aid kit on site. 
  • Trash and recycling: Do not stir the ire of the Barn gods...or your organizers for that matter. We take recycling seriously and so shall all who B-Q'in-at-the-Barn. 
  • Leave No Trash! Yes, it's really Leave No Trace, but the most important principle for Barn-B-Q is to leave the trails cleaner than you found them. 
  • Barn-B-Q is all about camaraderie and a great opportunity to practice your trail ettiquette! ​
  • Show up with your most awesome version of yourself. It's going to be a kick-@$$ day!
  • What to Bring for the Trails:
    • your sense of adventure
    • good hiking or trail running shoes
    • dry socks or sandals for the rest of the day
    • a water bottle or hydration pack
    • bug spray, sunscreen, a hat
    • a walking stick or trekking poles if you use them
  • What to Bring in General:
    • Your ID for adult bevs!
    • Cleaning supplies for our collection bin in support of The Elizabeth Coalition to House the Homeless (see flyer with specific requests at
    • We encourage you to BYODV (drinking vessels) as we are both pirates and environmentalists at heart. We'll have a refill station for water. We'll also have individual water bottles on hand, but it's so much cooler to be earth-friendly. Plus isn't your personalized cup/goblet/stein/horn of choice cooler than a single-use red solo cup???
  • What to Bring for the Barn Party:
    • While we have tables, chairs, and benches set-up, you're also welcome to bring blankets, lawn chairs, or a hammock.
    • If you are coming early for the Yoga Nidra Chill-out, we might suggest a blanket, yoga mat, mini pillow, and headphones.
  • What to Bring for Barn-tivities:
    • We’re gonna be tie-dyin’! Feel free to bring additional white cotton items to groovify! If you have one of those vintage plastic bags, please bring that as well to store your projects.
    • Our game bin is open, but if you have a fave game you want to share, bring it along!
    • Your best-self personality and energy!